Why Canvas Prints Are the Best Decor Solution for Any Scenario

Why Canvas Prints Are the Best Decor Solution for Any Scenario

All things considered, canvas is a true power player when it comes to decor solutions for interiors regardless of if it is a large office space or a Scandinavian-style bedroom apartment. Able to showcase an incredible price performance, canvas is a beautiful alternative to the classic means of wall decorating, such as oil and acrylic paintings, and is a décor solution that really won’t hurt your wallet to try out.

Here’s What Canvas Really Is, What to Be Aware Of, and Why You Should Give It a Chance!

Emulating the look of both aforementioned mediums, canvas is essentially a digitally reproduced version of your preferred artwork that often unveils its true identity only on closer inspection. The principle behind this technique, however, is not nearly as recent as one might be tempted to think.


A typical gallery wrapped canvas – the most commonly used one

With the canvas option becoming increasingly more popular during the height of the Renaissance period (14th – 17th century), it was viewed simply as a more viable and less time-consuming way of producing and reproducing artworks. With sail-canvas hitting an all-time high in Venice, the medium gradually became the new industry standard.


Safe to say, this premise hasn’t changed too much. With digital printing technologies paving the way to a faster and more streamlined manufacturing process, literally anyone can acquire their own canvas depicting a true-to-life reenactment of Mona Lisa or Monet’s Water Lilies without spending somewhere around 27 to 800 million dollars. It’s really about simplicity and price.

Reliable Materials and Beautiful Appearance

Sure enough, a simple poster would prove to be even less expensive and an easily attainable option, effectively dethroning canvas prints as the greatest foundation for photo reproduction. Particularly popular during the 19th century, when the colour lithography was finally polished to its perfection, posters truly were and still are the most effective way of bringing the word out in the streets.


However, when it comes to interior design, canvas prints, being a solid, wood-based medium, are really too much of a match for a sheet of silk paper. Its longevity, appearance, and sturdy feel simply make it more of a full-fledged interior decor item. With that said, there still are plenty of things to keep your eye on whenever you consider the purchase!

The Possible Cons:

#1– As a result of low-quality canvas prints infesting the market more than 10 years ago (when the industry of personalized prints was still learning to walk), there’s still a huge possibility of acquiring a second-rate quality canvas coming from the far East. Usually made out of fir or paulownia trees, these were first introduced to the market as a cost-effective alternative to the usual pine wood canvas frames. Look for customer feedbacks and take a good look at the available visual materials! Also, always pay attention to the technical descriptions! Here’s some piece of advice when determining whether your canvas is of good or bad quality!

#2 – Any canvas, regardless of its quality, is prone to weather-induced changes. This, in turn, means that it has to be re-adjusted manually after a certain period of time has passed. This is done by inserting wedges (may or may not come with the stretcher frame depending on the company) where they fell out once the canvas changed its state due to changes in temperature.

A Fantastic Medium for Both Painting and Printing


Although there’s a clear distinction between canvas that’s intended for painting and canvas meant for photo printing, it’s safe to say that both are an excellent base for your creative endeavors. While the former is available both with and without the gesso layer and is open to any kind of technique you might want to try (watercolours, acrylic, or even oil paint), the latter can be recommended for the following reasons:

  • A painting-esque appeal that adds to the effect whether or not you’ve printed an actual photo or a drawing.
  • There is no glare of reflections as it’s literally a textile surface

  • Beautifully complements or contrasts most interiors

  • Can be exhibited in different environments

  • Inexpensive

Of course, there are many more characteristics we could add to this list, but it’s best left for you to discover in practice! Canvas prints are the optimal blend of craft, advanced high-tech printing, and reasonable pricing. In case you’re looking for a means of refreshing your environment, you should definitely give it a shot!