Facts About Baltic Pine

Facts About Baltic Pine

baltic pine / scots pine timber tree„What is Baltic pine?” you might ask after reading a title. It is a conifer known around the World as a Scots pine; in Latin it would be Pinus sylvestris.  A variety of Pinus sylvestris is common in Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe. See more detailed distribution map here.  Of course, it can be found in countries other than Baltic States, but due to its high prevalence in Baltics it is most often called a Baltic pine.

Latvia is often regarded as the pearl of the Baltic States. It is a very green country with a very large forest area which is covering almost a half of the whole territory (approx. 45%). Most important, half of this territory (around 49%) is inhabited by the above mentioned pine specie.

This pine itself can grow even up to 40 m tall and it has a trunk without branches which makes it even more appropriate for producing timber. It is interesting how good pines can adapt to different conditions – it can be found in both marshy and very sandy soils, therefore Latvia with its diverse nature is a great place for pines to spread.  No wonder Latvia is famous for its beautiful sea coast of dunes and pines.

Pinewood timber and its raw materials are being used mostly for woodworking and medicine. In medicine it is used for several types of drugs and oils, vitamins etc. And certainly, pine is well known as a timber for furniture, houses, and posts.

We have also chosen Scots pine timber as a material for manufacturing stretcher bars because of its high quality and easy access. Previously posted article about stretcher bars is available by link. It is fully suitable for intended purposes and meets quality standards in a long term. Of course, there are several procedures to complete (sawing, cutting, drying, milling) before turning any wood including pine wood into a stretcher bar, but it is worth the effort.

It is interesting that Baltic pines are growing after cone seeds have been spread in a natural way by wind. Of course, very often pine is being planted by human after forest felling as well. But it is important that Baltic pine combines all these natural factors becoming one of the highest quality natural resource which soon enough could become one of the most widely used material due to its quality and other benefits.

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