Personal Gift for Christmas – DIY canvas art

Personal Gift for Christmas – DIY canvas art

give canvas a christmas gift

Image from flickr, author:  semetschki 

Christmas is a time when we realize how many friends we have. It’s time when we plan what gifts to give our loved ones. I’m still creating my list. Like popular Christmas song says, he’s making a list, checking it twice… Have you already completed your magical list? If not, you have come to the right place. I believe that all people like to receive personal gifts and feel special. Therefore, I have gathered few creative and very personal canvas art gift ideas. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist, because sometimes desire and diligence are more important then skills.

Few things to know, if you choose to make a first painting in your life.

Love birds on acrylic painting

This painting can symbolize not only love, but also friendship and harmony.  This can be a lovely and very personal gift for someone you care about. You will need two different blue colors for the background . Author has even mentioned name of them- navy blue and tropical blue. Round shapes on the background help to define center of a painting where love birds are placed. You can paint birds differently, if you like. Author of this video is very helpful and shares some technical details in comments, read them in order to find additional information about brushes or paint. Remember, this will be your version of love birds, it doesn’t have to look exactly the same as in this video.


Mixed media Christmas tree on canvas

This is something different, because made of various materials. The paint is also used while creating this canvas art, but I wouldn’t call it a painting.  Video author has made a Christmas tree, which reminds me of a vintage style painting. Get prepared for some gluing, if you will decide to create this mixed media canvas art. Furthermore, we know that art has no boundaries, therefore you can improvise by adding extra materials, choosing different size canvas or creating Christmas trees in different shapes. This is a very original gift idea!


Watercolor painting of floral landscape

Warm and colorful images are attractive and they make us feel warm. Therefore, I have also included this example of naïve art painting. Video that you see below is a free lesson for kids, but the painting is very nice and can become a present for people in any age. Watercolors are meant for painting  on a paper, but there are also canvas with a special coating for watercolor painting, You can search for them online or in your local art store. It’s easy to imagine this warm painting in your home interior.  Remember, that you are free to improvise and paint your own painting. This is just an example for personal gift idea.


This is a reminder that we can make someone feel very important by creating a personal gift for him or her. There are plenty of great tutorials on youtube. I hope you enjoyed these videos and creative art ideas in them. You are also welcome to share your handcrafted canvas art ideas.