Having an Instagram-Worthy Christmas Canvas at Your Place

Having an Instagram-Worthy Christmas Canvas at Your Place

The sales craze of the 24th of November marks another turning point of the year. Also known as the unofficial beginning of the holiday season, it’s the start of a period which sees us constantly gravitating between an earnest peace and a consumerist instinct-driven shopping fever. String lights, discounted Christmas ornaments, heaps of presents for your friends and loved ones, all of it can take its toll on both your nerves and wallet. However, there is another way of dealing with this Christmas frenzy- the subtle, economic, and tasteful way, something we’d like to call the Instagram way of creating your Christmas decor.

By making a canvas wall decor in the vein of the famous image-based social media platform, you’re bound to have a tasteful, economic decor that does very much with very little. With that said, is it easier said than done? Well, not exactly. After soaking up some inspiration from the wide variety of interior decor-themed Instagram grids, all you need are a couple of utilities for the workshop itself (that is, assuming you own a ready-made blank canvas), and, once all is set, you’re ready for your creative endeavor!

Watch and Imitate

Having an Instagram-Worthy Christmas Canvas at Your Place

Well, the mention of Instagram grids wasn’t unintentional. In fact, Instagram is just another entry in the league of websites dedicated to artistic decor crafts, standing alongside platforms such as Pinterest, VSCO, and, to some extent, even Tumblr. The recurrent pattern here is pretty easy to spot: clever, large-scale quotes written in beautiful fonts, seemingly straightforward backgrounds, and beautiful and somewhat moody interiors. Luckily, there’re plenty of means of acquiring this trendy kind of aesthetic.

Getting That Effortless Beauty

Having an Instagram-Worthy Christmas Canvas at Your Place

First off, you can simply use your local printing services and later cover the professionally made art print with a thin layer of watercolour. Note that most of these canvas prints usually employ ombre colouring to add the desired effect. That means finding two hue-related colours to create a gradient-like background. Think of a flaming sunset, a combination of red and yellow, or the way colours in a rainbow intersect, and you’ll get the idea.

Having an Instagram-Worthy Christmas Canvas at Your Place

However, since it’s holiday season, you might want to go with something that’s slightly more in line with the cozy reindeer sweater ambiance of the period. To do this, you can simply change the ombre to a wintery blue/white combination with a nice little deer silhouette in the middle. Add a cute quote from your favourite Christmas carol, and you have the image! Alternatively, you can use an austere photo of a snow-clad forest, nothing too over-the-top, no overwhelming hues, and no Coca-Cola Santa Claus in sight. Stay chilly and down to earth and follow the pattern set by the modern Scandinavian interior design. 

Creating Super Original Decor from Scratch

Then again, nothing is as fun as creating your decor items from scratch and doing it entirely by yourself. Taking up acrylic paints, watercolours, or whichever means of laying your vision down on the canvas you prefer is an adventure in and of itself. With that said, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a mere set of brush and colours. Now, we won’t indulge in the process of creating the canvas frame as we have a separate article devoted entirely to the theme. Instead, we’re going to focus on some of the more interesting techniques that will provide you with unusual, attention-grabbing Christmas canvas decor using simple and illustrative examples in the form of YouTube DIY tutorials.

Combining a Hand-Painted Piece with String Lights

By no means anything new, this technique is, however, witnessing an ever-increasing popularity as the results are practically always amazing while the process itself does not require too much effort. The video by the YouTube user Jtru perfectly illustrates both the simplicity of the process and the amazingness of the results. Prepare your own special winter night sky with actual stars!

Glitter Deer and Beautiful Christmas Messages

Another popular way of creating your Christmas canvas, this technique of smudging glitter over a simple, glue-clad silhouette of a deer, just like the example above, is just as simple in both premise and delivery. And yet, it’s totally worth it. As demonstrated by the YouTube user and DIY crafts expert HeyKayli, the recipe is beyond simple. Use as much glitter as possible and adjust the colour of it to the dominating hues of your Christmas interior. Everything is open to your interpretation. Use different kinds of stencils (a Christmas star, Santa’s sleigh, Christmas tree, etc.), juxtapose multiple tones of glitter, or even combine the technique with the previous one.


Woodwork (Faux)

Despite being somewhat more complicated in comparison with the first two entries, this one is still pretty much a Sunday afternoon project at most. Also, this is a go-to decor for all the rustic aesthetic enthusiasts out there. Don’t fancy going into a full-fledged carpentry exercise? No worries, since this actually does not involve any use of hammers, nails, or screws. In fact, it’s just another canvas covered with a rather realistic-looking piece of wallpaper and some neat additional elements (spray-painted boughs, cones, and Christmas bulbs).

Mod Podging Your Gift Bag

Okay, it may sound a bit odd at first, but this approach of creating your Christmas-themed wall art has recently seen nothing short of an outburst in popularity, as indicated by the huge amount of tutorials on YouTube. This, however, is completely justified by the visually stunning results. Besides, there is no better way of utilizing once used Christmas gift bags than turning them into beautiful, vintage-esque wall art pieces. In this case, you can go for a slightly less complicated option which excludes the mod podge part (as seen here), or you can go for a full-fledged affair which, although a bit more time and resources-consuming, will provide you with results that look like they came out of a Hollywood set designer’s workshop!

Clearly, apart from the dominating visual themes, you must have noticed another recurring pattern- pretty much every creator had a genuinely fun time creating these little Christmas treats. We wish you the same kind of enthusiasm, which is basically all you need in order to produce results that are just as marvelous as what is seen in the videos. Meanwhile, we wish you a peaceful, creative and inspired festive period! May every wonder you’ve dreamt of, take place during Christmas of 2017!