5 Ways to Hang Canvas Without Using Hammer and Nails

Oh, the many problems one has to struggle with whenever there’s a need to affix a new wall decor. What initially seems like a super simple operation usually ends up with an ugly, penetrated wall, undisguisable cracking, and, in the worst-case scenario,


All things considered, canvas is a true power player when it comes to decor solutions for interiors regardless of if it is a large office space or a Scandinavian-style bedroom apartment. Able to showcase an incredible price performance, canvas is a beautiful alternative to the classic


The sales craze of the 24th of November marks another turning point of the year. Also known as the unofficial beginning of the holiday season, it’s the start

how about a pine tree this Christmas?

Bear in mind, this is by no means an encouragement to reject deep-rooted traditions professed for numerous centuries up until now. Your regular evergreen can stay where it is, as firs and pines are observed to have a rather healthy relationship.


Continuing our ongoing series of discovering the many ways the pine tree is positively affecting our lives, we’ve turned our sights to the numerous methods the tree is employed in the commercial industries. Easily workable by both hand and machine