Our production facilities are located in Latvia, not far from the capital and the economic powerhouse of the Baltics – the city of Riga, which is also an important transit point and the destination of numerous shipping routes. Goods produced in the factory are delivered across Europe and to the US by our current logistic partners. With the standard sizes being ready for shipping in 24h and special sizes produced in a timeframe of 2 weeks, the delivery across the European territory takes approximately 1 week. All prices are shown in EUR/m with the minimum order amount of 3000m.

We Provide:

Cargo airlines – shorter delivery terms, but higher costs; this option can be chosen on very urgent occasions for transatlantic deliveries to the US

Ship transport – longer delivery terms, but lower costs and a very high load capacity; ideal for long overseas routes, like to the US. Approximate delivery time to the US: 1-2 months after the freight has been loaded on the ship.

Road transport – short delivery terms and low costs; this is the most recommended shipment option for deliveries within Europe. Approximate delivery time within Europe: 4-8 days;

Rail freight transport – this railway route leads to most NGO countries and Russia.


All delivery charges are an additional cost and are not included in our product prices. The client settles the payment in two parts: 50% when placing an order with other 50% paid prior the shipping. We can offer you services of our current delivery partners or you can arrange the terms of delivery yourself.

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