Why a Modern Catering Place Cannot Exist Without a Canvas

Why a Modern Catering Place Cannot Exist Without a Canvas

For all those planning or dreaming about opening your own place, keep in mind…

It’s Not About What’s in the Cup, but What’s Around It


The whole concept of catering facilities has truly come a long way. In fact, it has so little to do (well, much more less than it used to) with the actual eating or drinking itself, it’s almost funny that we’re still referring to these places using the names of foods and drinks as prefixes of sorts. It seems that both the ingredients of your brunch and the numerous types of authentic coffee beans are merely an additional feature, mostly just as decorative as the carefully selected books on that appealingly vintage shelving unit in the corner.


More than anything else, it’s the socializing aspect that has taken the lead role, turning most of these institutions into hubs for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and all the other means of social interaction. To accumulate creativity via creative interior design solutions, in this regard, seems only sensible. Thus, it is only understandable that the right design is a game half won already. The keywords? Organic materials, earhty tones and visually effective canvas prints!

Planning the Setting


These days, the whole setting up process of your business facility is just as much an experience as the governing of it. Much time is spent flipping through the pages of design catalogues, picking the right icons to print and the right plants to display. Next to a wonderfully composed selection of cupcakes, thematically united sets of tables, table lamps, and a fitting series of canvas prints will come off as a completely organic part of the whole. Huge letters, clever quotes, coffee-culture related iconography- everything that adds to, yet never steals, the show will be good to print.


Remember, despite its chief function of public catering, the place will surely become a gathering spot for young professionals. To the majority of them, the quality of the beverage within the cup is just as essential as the quality of the coffee mug depicting wall art next to the table. Clearness, spatiality, natural materials, and a tasteful synthesis of industrial (heavy, authentic coffee machines) and rustic aesthetics will fit their needs. Also, keep in mind that, regardless of the aesthetic, it’s the layout that’s truly essential (it’s here where it’s decided how well both the clients and the staff will be able to operate within your establishment).

Setting the Mood


Now this is just like adding VFX to a finished film. The secret of creating the right mood lies within your use of accessories (tableware, brewing equipment, labels on the utilities, if you wish) all the way down to colours and lighting tricks. Besides hidden spotlights to highlight some of the furnishings, the good old sting nodes are used to infuse the place with comfort and a home-like vibe. Now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s all about the earthy tones these days. Although this is solely up to your preference, it’s probably the most suitable palette since it fits with the idea of organic, naturally-grown coffee and an authentic, grounded lifestyle in general. Look up the concept of slow living and it may clear things up!

The Power of Canvas


Creating the interior for your soon-to-be-blossoming business venture is probably also the most suitable time for considering your canvas purchases. While there are numerous custom printing services available, not all of them will present you with a quality material basis. Keep your eye on the quality of the stretcher frame, as ordering a bulk of bad ones will quickly lead to significant extra spending. In case you need some basic direction of what a bad canvas print stands for, feel free to check our previous article. As for the visuals, the preferred way to go would be something subtle and minimalistic. Look up stock sites such as Unsplash.com to soak up some inspiration, as it’s pretty heavy on the whole brunch/coffee shop culture aesthetic.

It’s the Era


The whole conglomerate of refined visuals and specially selected products contribute to a greater philosophy- the constant strive to consolidate the ultra-modern with the deep-rooted. Needless to say, a fittingly quirky, minimalist canvas print is another integral component of the whole spectacle. Just look around the place the next time you enter a brunch/coffee shop. Together with the specially hand-picked ingredients of the salad, the sweet-looking bottle of microbrew, and the coffee beans with an adventure book-worthy historical background, it’s the design and the concept that sells. Then again, it’s never been a secret that we eat with our eyes first.